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The IT services arena is a very crowded market, with all sizes of companies and individuals vying to win project and support contract business from the local SMEs.

There are important factors when choosing an IT services company to support your technology infrastructure and longer term strategic planning:

  • Reputation & reliability – can you get feedback from other satisfied clients?
  • Value-for-money – is the IT company able to tailor and integrate solutions to the needs of your business, and not just trying to sell “boxes” and software that may or may not be a good fit?
  • Partnership – does the IT services company actively engage and try to gain a better understanding of how your business functions? Wanwise offers a free initial 1 hour informal consultancy to prospective new clients, with the primary aim to get a better feeling of the company’s background and challenges/opportunities it faces looking forward into the future.
  • Flexibility – is technical support something only available 9am-6pm, or, like Wanwise, willing to work outside of normal business hours where feasible to minimise the impact on the daily business activities?
  • Professionalism – Wanwise will always try to find workable, affordable and documented solutions, delivered to a high level of quality and support that one would expect to receive within an enterprise class organisation.
  • Transparency – Wanwise will always keep a project client up-to-date with open communication about milestone events and overall progress. This would include immediately flagging any developments that may have a potential impact on budget, target date(s), project deliverables etc.