Internet Domain Names


123-reg 3 million domains

Wanwise can help the client decide on an appropriate business Internet domain name to use, and check to see that it hasn’t already been registered by another company. We also offer the option to manage the domain zonefile(s) on the client’s behalf, using our own DNS nameservers.

Wanwise can perform the domain registration on behalf of the client by using our affiliate status with Once the domain has been successfully registered, we can either set up a simple website holding page or redirect to an existing website. PoP3 email can also be set up when the domain is ready to use.

Good news! . . . if you are currently experiencing difficulties in managing existing domains, or you have been quoted domain renewal or domain registration fees greater than £30 for or .com domain suffixes, why not get in touch to see how Wanwise can manage these domains on your behalf much more cost-effectively.

We have many years experience in resolving Internet domain-related technical issues, so even if your domain requirements are complicated, we will give you the best advice on how to progress matters, including how to maintain email and website visibility when transferring between Internet service providers.

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