Network Security


Network security is vital even to smallest SME IT infrastructure environments, as the number and types of security threats/attacks continue to increase. These attacks could be targeted at physical devices on the LAN or aimed at sensitive company data. In this day and age, the attacker doesn’t even need to compromise a system to do this; they could also bring a laptop, pc or memory stick into a building and tap into your net. Compromising network security is often much easier than compromising physical or local security, and is much more common. There are often very real threats (malicious or accidental) and vulnerabilities exposed from within the business itself, including lack of adequate control of data access control and encryption (e.g. copying documents to USB memory sticks, CDs or hard disks which can then be easily taken to the outside world).

With careful planning, there are a number of affordable solutions available that can be implemented for all sizes of SME IT environments. Wanwise can discuss your company’s current data and network security polices, and then help formulate a strategic plan (and potential follow-on implementation project) to ensure the future integrity of the core business function. Every Wanwise implementation project includes the installation of a suitable network gateway hardware firewall.  Such a device can be configured to instantly add the following benefits to the business owner:

  1. Define appropriate levels of access to the Internet from the office network, and even restrict on a per workstation/device basis
  2. Secure, encrypted connectivity between the office network and remote/home users via dynamic VPN configurations
  3. Implementation of appropriate security access policies to the Internet, including restricting the types of Internet traffic allowed (e.g. block social media-type website access, messenger/chat, etc.)
  4. Appropriate level of alert and traffic logging reports
  5. Protection of the networks against Internet-centric attacks
  6. Secure encrypted access by Wanwise (with permission), to enable remote administration and support the network devices connected at the business’s central office

For larger organisations with more complex network access requirements, Wanw