Network Infrastructure


If your company is having difficulties in finding advice or technical expertise to help with any of the following network-related matters, why not contact Wanwise to discuss your needs further.

  1. Setting up a new company Internet connection
  2. Sourcing a reliable cabling company
  3. Moving your Internet service to a new provider (ISP)
  4. Connecting other branches and/or home workers to your company LAN
  5. Troubleshooting network connectivity issues
  6. Configuration of network devices such as Cisco routers, LAN switches, ADSL modems or hubs
  7. Definition and configuration of network security policies on devices such as firewalls (eg. Juniper SRX Range) and intrusion detection systems
  8. Review and high level design of a new or upgraded network topology for your company’s current WAN/LAN infrastructure (eg. to accommodate extra PCs or moving to new premises)
  9. General ad hoc network support tasks (eg. adding a new network printer)