Strategic Planning & Consultancy

Planning for the implementation and future enhancement of ICT for a business is a complex and cyclical exercise, but one that can be achieved by effective strategic planning. Wanwise can help a company map out a vision of quantifiable objectives for specific ICT projects or technologies, including key areas such as email, data security and network accessibility/connectivity.

Such planning is especially vital for pre-start and newly formed companies who have yet to make their first important investment in ICT, and a wrong turn at the beginning could contribute significantly to the success or failure of the business, just when it is at its most vulnerable.

Wanwise has put together a whitepaper on the important ICT factors a new business should consider in the planning stage called:  “ICT Checklist For A New SME Business

We can offer associated strategic consultancy for this task.

Wanwise is also used by existing and established business clients to research and report on traditional and emerging technologies and their potential to help deliver a competitive advantage.