Virus, Malware, SPAM Protection

Antivirus & Malware Solution

Wanwise can offer a number of Trend Micro antivirus and spyware protection solutions to companies who want to protect their valuable company data from intrusive and destructive infections from Internet-borne viruses and malware. This can be done either at the individual desktop and/or server level, or as a centrally managed enterprise-wide function.

Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security

Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security for Small and Medium Business protects PCs and Windows Servers against spyware, viruses, and other malware. This integrated solution automatically protects data confidentiality, resource availability, and employee productivity. This Worry-Free Security solution proactively identifies vulnerabilities, automatically prevents threats, assesses damage and cleans up all without intervention. In a single solution, and a single deployment, it offers protection from spyware and other emerging threats. It automatically protects your small business from threats, freeing IT resources for other tasks. It is designed for zero administration, so you can view your network health and threat readiness in a single Web-based console.

For larger enterprise requirements, Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite is an integrated client/server security solution that protects enterprise desktops and network servers against viruses, Trojans, worms, and hackers, plus spyware, grayware, and mixed threat attacks. Its Web-based management console makes it easy to set coordinated security policy and deploy automatic updates to clients and servers throughout the network.
Wanwise can also provide alternative commercial malware protection solutions from Malwarebytes, if a second line of filtering is required.


Email Anti-spam Solution

Trend Micro Hosted Email Security

Trend Micro™ Hosted Email Security is a no-maintenance cloud solution that delivers continuously updated protection to stop spam, malware, spear-phishing, and advanced targeted attacks before they reach your network


As a Trend Micro “Affinity” Partner, Wanwise can order and install any of the security products from the Trend Micro portfolio, including licence renewals, tailored to the specific requirements of the client.